We are pleased to announce the new tool we have recently launched, we have launched a website uptime monitor service. Using this tool you can monitor your websites/ servers to ensure they are always online.

Once you signup you can enter the website you want to monitor, our server will then be able to ping that website as often as you select to check it’s online, if your website is offline you can select to be notified by email or desktop.

You can also monitor the history of your uptime to see your uptime report for up to 31 days. At the time of writing this we are still currently testing this tool so you can only currently monitor one website at a time but if you need to monitor more please contact us and we would be happy to help.

If you have any questions about this tool or how to use it please don’t hesitate to contact us. We aim to provide tools that will benefit you, your website and your business and will continue to work on tools to help.