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Table Service Website

Do you have a restaurant? Start accepting table service orders right from your own website, simple for the customer, simple for you. You can choose to accept card payments and/ or cash.

Light Theme

Looks and works great on mobile, accept card and/ or cash!

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Dark Theme

Looks and works great on mobile, accept card and/ or cash!

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Just £99 Setup Fee Then £24.99 a Month


£99 Setup Fee
Then Just
£24.99 a Month

Package Features

Here are some of the features and benefits of having a table service website for your restaurant.

Made for Mobiles

Your website will work and look great on all mobiles, it was built for them as that's what your customers will be using.

Take Orders Online

Start taking orders directly on your website, everything is handled on your own website, great for you and good for your customers.

Online Payments

Accept online payments or cash, payment gateways include Paypal or Stripe which are secure and convenient for business.

Full Setup Included

We take care of the full setup, adding your branding, modifying the content for your business and matching your menu & prices.

Security & SSL

You and your customers are completely safe with state of the art security and ssl certificates. We take care of everything!

Make & Save Money

Make more money as you have made it easier for your customers to order, they will be scrolling through the menu which increases upsells.

Powerful Panel

You will have a powerful control panel to view & manage orders, view & manage your customers and view powerful analytics.

Email Notifications

Stay notified with email notifications of new orders and make things convenient for customers with receipts straight to their emails.

Domain Name

If you don't already have a domain name ( we will get that registered for you, all included in the setup price.

Powerful Hosting

We take care of the hosting, we are website hosts first so we have super fast servers and we will look after the hosting account.

Client Area

Your customers will have their own account area where they will be able to manage their details and previous orders.

Contact Area

The website has a contact area which allows your customers to contact you, it can have your phone, email, address.

Premium Support

We are always here to help, we can make some custom changes to the website, update the menu, prices ect and offer other help.

Cancel Anytime

You aren't tied to any long-term contracts with us. You can easily cancel your website with us at anytime. No questions asked.

How It Works

See how your new website will work and how simple it is. So simple but so effective.

Promote Your Website

Inform your customers you have a table service website where they can order their food and drink from their mobile. You can do this with stickers on the tables, posters around the restaurant & word of mouth.

Your Customer Orders

Your customer now goes to the website, chooses what they want from the menu and enter their table number while placing the order. The checkout process is simple and you can choose how they pay.

You Prepare The Order

You get the email notification of the order and it's on your powerful panel, now you prepare the order and take it to the table the customer provided when ordering. You will then mark the order as complete.

It's That Simple

This is a great thing to offer if you also have a bar as your customers can simply order beverages to their table.

If your customer creates an account you can also reach out the them in future to try and get them back to your restaurant.

You can also offer coupons for the website.

More Benefits

Here are some more benefits to having your own website with us.


You can create coupons, coupons are a great way to get customers to use the website and back to the restaurant, also once they have ordered once on your website they are much more likely to re-order on the website.


Your panel comes with powerful analytics so you can see how your website is pulling in the orders, see the most popular dishes. See your income & the amount of orders from your website and even more!


If you want changes made we are here to help, you haven’t got to worry about making changes yourself. Got new dishes? Changed your prices? Let us know and we will get them added or changed for you.

Improve Your Marketing

When your customers register they provide email address and mobile numbers, without spamming them you can use that information to reach out and market to them, offer them coupons ect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about this package. If you have any other questions get in touch!

Absolutely, there are a few choices, you can replace your current website with the one we offer or we can register a similar domain name that you link to for takeaways so you have both websites.

It’s simple, we will look for one to match your business, give you all of the options and then register it for you. It will be registered in your name and it’s included in the setup cost (no extra).

It’s simple, you get in touch and we will get them updated for you.

No, this is a service we offer, not a website design or website template. We host the website and remain in control of the files and database.

You own the right to use the website as your own for an long as you are a customer with this service. You do not own the website as this is a service we are offering and not a website. 

Yes, we can create you as many professional email addresses as you need (e.g. This is at no extra cost.

Yes, you can cancel anytime, you aren’t tied into any contracts. 

Your invoices will be stopped right away but you will no longer have access to the service, your website will go offline from our end. This is a service we offer, you aren’t purchasing the website from us so you can have an export of the customer data ect but you won’t be able to keep the website or move it elsewhere.

No! Your plans price will never increase, even if our prices change your plan will not be affected. The price will increase if you decide to add any extra’s we offer for the package.

Get In Touch!

We are here to help with anything we can, no matter how big or small your question please don’t hesitate to get in touch and someone from the friendly team will respond as soon as possible and try to help in anyway they can.