In this article we are going to show you how to download WordPress backups from your WordPress Toolkit on Plesk. The WordPress Toolkit is a fantastic feature we offer with all Plesk Packages.

1. Login to your Plesk: You can find your Plesk login details in the email we send you when you setup the account.

2. Find and Click “WordPress” on the sidebar.

3. Now click “Back Up / Restore”.

4. Click “Back Up”.

5. Now your backup has finished you are able to download it by clicking the download symbol. 

As you can see it’s very quick to make backups of your WordPress website using the WordPress Toolkit. Off course the larger your website is the longer it will take.

Although all of our plans come with backups included we do recommend taking your own backups as well just to be safe.

Thank you for reading, We hope this has helped and if you have any questions or need help get in touch!