JetBackup is a great feature we offer with all hosting types. Shared, reseller and master reseller plans come with this feature for you to easily backup your websites and even schedule the backups.

JetBackup goes hand in hand with cPanel and is included with all cPanel hosting plans. It gives you many methods of backing up your files whether you need to backup specific’s such as your emails, databases or if you need everything backed up.

You will also be able to ensure your website is always backed up using the scheduling features. On our shared hosting plans we automatically backup your website every 24 hours and you are able to restore or download them backups. On reseller or master reseller hosting you and your users simply have to agree to a GDPR agreement. Due to GDRP we can’t set these up for you due to the data being stored. Never-the-less it’s very simple to setup with their simple but powerful portal.

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