In this article we are going to show you how to create a database on your cPanel. This method creates the database, the user and the permissions. You can simply create the database without a user but this is the recommended method.

1. Login to your cPanel: You can find your cPanel login details in the email we send you when you setup the account or you can connect directly from your Smughost account.

2. Find and Click “MySQL Database Wizard” under the “Databases” tab on your cPanel.

3. Enter the name you want to call the database and click “Next Step”.

4. Enter the details you want to use for the database user, pick a username and password for it and then click “Create User”.

5. Unless you have experience click “All Privileges” and then scroll down and click “Next Step”.

6. Your database is now created.

You can now use that database for your website, you can go to PHPMYADMIN and start using it as well. Be sure the keep the details safe.

We hope this has helped and if you have any questions or need help get in touch!