In this article we are going to show you how to create a feature list in your WHM. It’s very simple and is important as they are used when creating packages for your customers.

1. Login to your WHM: You can find your cPanel login details in the email we send you when you setup the account or you can connect directly from your Smughost account.

2. Find and Click “Feature Manager” under the “Packages” tab on the menu.

3. Choose and write a name for the set of features you are adding and click “Add Feature List”.

4. Now select the features you want to enable for that list, you can select all features and then untick the ones you don’t want to enable. This is the easiest method. Once you have selected all of the features you want click “Save”.

That feature list will now be added to your account and you will be able to use that feature list for your packages, we hope this has helped and if you have any questions or need help, get in touch!