Happy New Year, Bring a Better 2021!

New Year Loading 2021

So 2020 happened, no one thought it would be the year it turned out to be. We truly hope you, your family, your friends and people around you have been safe and well through these hard times. We have all had to adapt to a new way of life and let’s hope we can go back to some normality soon.

We consider ourselves very lucky, none of the Smughost team has suffered from COVID as of yet, we are doing all we can to keep it that way. We are also lucky that due to being an online business offering all services remotely we haven’t had to close our doors at any point but rather make some tweaks to the way we do things.

Let’s do our best to put 2020 behind us and hope for a better 2021 where we can hopefully reunite properly with our loved ones, we wish you a happy new year!

Smughost in 2020

A quite big move we made in 2020 was to rebrand, we got a new logo completely. We didn’t rebrand in terms of the name but even rebranding the logo we consider quite a big move. We are always honest, we had been using the logo made by us since the start and we never claim to be graphic designers, so we got a professional to design a new logo for us and we simply love the new branding, we hope you also like the new branding.

In our last year aims we stated we wanted to start offering alpha reseller hosting in 2020, we have managed to acheive this and not just in our opinion knocked it out of the park. We also started offering super alpha reseller hosting as well which is a step up from alpha hosting. Both launches went well with little hiccups. We acquired two new servers in 2020 to accomodate for the new plans as well as improved our other servers.

We also launched more business solutions in 2020 which include a take away business website and a table service website as we saw the need for them websites due to COVID. We also launched a marketplace website allowing anyone to start their own online marketplace like Amazon.

We also had plans to start giving back in 2020, we have done this by providing free domain names to many long term customers, we say free domain names but we paid of their domain name for them for another year as a thank you from us for sticking with us. We also started offering free website hosting for charities.

There are some things we had planned to do which we no longer have plans to, this includes offering DirectAdmin hosting, we had planned to start offering this in 2020, to be honest we had everything ready, we had the server ready with everything configured, we had a page on the website ready to launch. We decided last minute that we don’t currently want to offer DirectAdmin hosting but it’s not ruled in the future.

Plans for 2021

In 2021 we plan to focus on improving the services we already offer as well as expand on our collection of business solutions. We are also always looking for new free tools we can offer, for example our uptime monitor or password generator.

We also plan to improve our knowledgebase, we have constantly been adding to it through 2020 and want to continue expanding on it as well as possibly re-designing it a little to make it a bit easier to navigate around.

We have also been considering offering logo/ graphic design, as mentioned above we are not graphic designers, luckily for us over the years we have made many friends who are, and they are amazing, we are considering offering their graphic design through our website. It’s a win for them as we get them new customers, it’s a win for us as we would get a little profit from each sale, it’s a win for the person buying the logo as they would get an amazing logo at a fantastic price.

As mentioned above we have been in a position to start giving back to clients in 2020 as well as starting to offer free website hosting for charities, we plan to ramp up on giving back in 2021.

We do have more potential plans up our sleeve but for now that’s all of the potential plans for 2021 we can share. We hope you with either stick with us in 2021 and be apart of our growth or consider joining us on this fantastic adventure.

In Conclusion

We got a little carried away writing this post, we thank you for reading and hope it has been of some use to you but in conclusion we wish you a happy new year!

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