So 2019 has passed, we hope you have had a good year and wish you a happy new year. We have had a very good year here at Smughost. We have had a couple of obstacles to overcome but it would be more worrying if we didn’t. We have grown a lot in the past year.

In 2019 we adapted to cPanel’s new pricing structure and have managed to do that without affecting people of our hosting plans. We have launched master reseller hosting with only a couple of humps to pass, we launched our travel affiliate website which turned out to be very successful with many new website owners earning money from it. We now host many more websites and have designed many more websites for businesses. We have also managed to cut the costs of our domain names.

So we are ready for 2020 we have many plans, other than the obvious such as growing the business even more, we have some plans that are almost set in stone. 1st being we want to start offering alpha reseller hosting, we launched master reseller hosting and that was a success, we have done a soft launch of alpha reseller hosting to work out some kinks and then we want to launch it fully. We also want to start offering DirectAdmin hosting, we currently only offer cPanel as a control panel but we want to expand that with DirectAdmin which is another powerful but more simple control panel which still allows you to manage all of your websites easily. We also have plans to start giving back, we want to give back to our friends that join us at Smughost.