Website / Business Tools

Here are some tools to help with your website / business. We aim to help you with your website & business so we will keep trying to add new tools and services that we think may help and improve your website / business.

Website Uptime Monitor

The uptime monitor is a very simple tool we offer for you to easily monitor your websites and ensure they are online. If your website goes offline you will be notified by email or desktop.

Notes & Paste Tool

We know that sometimes you need to make a quick note, paste a quick code and you want them kept in one simple, safe place. That’s why we have launched the notes & paste tool.

Website/ Server IP Lookup

Here is our website/ server ip lookup tool, this tool can be very useful. You can use this tool to lookup the IP Address for any website with the IP’s location and a rough idea on the map of where it is.

What's My IP

Here is our tool to help you find your IP address. This can be a useful tool as your IP is sometimes required. You can find your home area IP but also your mobile data IP. This is often used to whitelist your IP or if you need it unblocked.