So you’ve made the clever choice and joined a reseller plan with SmugHost. Now you need to choose whether you want to use our nameservers or set your own up. Here we will try and help with that.

Using Our Nameservers?
We cant give you the nameservers here because it will chance depending on what server you get your plan on but your nameservers will be sent to you in an email with your account information. Get those nameservers and go to your domain provider, there will be an option to change your nameservers and simply set them to the ones we gave you.

Creating Your Own Nameservers?
If you want to setup your own nameservers you need find the nameservers we sent you in your emails, then go to your domain provider and setup two sub-domains through them, ns1.yourdomain.tld and ns2.yourdomain.tld and then you need to edit the dns settings on both sub domains. Find the ip addresses provided with the nameservers we gave you and set up a “A Record” for each sub domain and enter one of the IP Addresses we sent and then do the same for the other sub domain and use the other IP Address. You then need to change your domain nameservers to your own nameservers.

If you are having any problems with this please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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