Shared Hosting

Difference Between Shared, Reseller & Master Reseller Hosting

Difference Between Shared, Reseller & Master Reseller Hosting So your looking to start your website but aren’t sure what plan you want to go for, in this article we are going to explain some of the differences between the different plan types. First it’s good to know all plans come with a generic set of features as all of the plans use the popular cPanel control panel to manage your website, with all plans we …

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Activating SSL Certificates (Let’s Encrypt SSL)

Do you have a reseller package with us? If so we use Let’s Encrypt SSL’s for our free SSL Certificates. They are a fantastic provider and are very easy to use. These are used on your’s and your customers accounts so it’s good to know how they are activated. In this tutorial we will show you how to issue free ssl certificates. Step 1: Login to cPanel and scroll to “Security”. You can find your …

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Shared Hosting Nameservers

If you have made the smart move and joined one on our shared hosting plans you will need to setup your nameservers. If you have purchased a domain with us this is done for you, but if not simply go to your domain provider and enter the nameservers given below. This information is also sent to your via email with your account information. Nameservers:NS1.SMUGHOST.COMNS2.SMUGHOST.COM If you are struggling to setup your nameservers please contact us and we …

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How to backup your website from the cPanel?

If you have a shared or reseller plan with us then we already backup your website every day to a remote server just in case but it’s always best to be prepared yourself. This is why there are still features to backup the website and databases yourself from the cPanel. This feature is available on the shared and reseller hosting plans. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to do it and …

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Free SSL Certificates

All of our shared and reseller hosting packages come with free ssl certificates on all domains. Making My Website Ready?Please ensure your website is secure. Start of by ensuring any links you use (internal and external) link to https domains otherwise the certificate will not work. Installing the free SSL?Most certificates should automatically activate as long as you have a secure website, you can test this by making a blank page and going to the …

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